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Our services

Our services

- Prepress Services

  • Graphic Design

Designed for office papers

The exhibit is designed

Logo Design Vlvgvy

Exterior Design Website

And ……….

  • Lithography

Vzynk film sheet sizes of 4.5

4.5 Size of plate to plate setter

  • Engraving

Engraving and inlay made of special heat Partners

- Printing Services

  • Offset

Offset Printing Services to the size of 70 * 100 (4.5 PS)

Printed sheets of public services

Sheet of business cards over Iranian partners

Business Card Printing Partners

Portal online registration and print orders for Pricing

Online Portal Business Card Orders

  • Print inlay

Maturity inlay printing and office phones

Special Exhibit print inlay and hand luggage stores

  • Print Tampv

Tampvy printed promotional gifts (pens, clocks, etc.)

  • Printing

Printing Promotional Gifts

Printing promotional hand luggage

Printing and clothes ….

Wall calendar printing

- After printing services

Yvvy coated cellophane and plumbing services (local and cylinders).

Cutting Services Shyrynk

Of binding wire, hot glue, cold glue and spring

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