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April 23, 2013

Tariff package design

A summary of the design package:

Packing design can be applied to the satisfaction of the most sensitive sub video producers and consumers of scientific principles to the design, the artist should be. One of the most important albums of the art packaging design and advertising communities plays an important role in the economy. Exports of goods rather than the quality of the product is dependent upon a well designed packaging and buyer satisfaction. In another part of the art of graphic design package is designed to help international trade and logos.


Row Effect Ends Approximate time work
1 CD Envelope 17500 45 minutes
2 Packaging Design                 30000 5/1 hour
3 Box design 80000 5/1 hour

Tariff base price and the marginal value of time and is designed to be modified. Designed solely for services performed after the design file is not delivered.

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