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Prices of flyer design

A summary of the booklet:

First, the images in the booklet, and then outline the details of the final look. Brochure design should consider the content of the law can store more information with pictures and a raised outline, put the front sight. Greatest formula is the least One of the most important *’s the law, which makes the customer’s attention booklet of 7 seconds to draw the brochure. Always read the small text in the brochure will be more motivated to read. Also, do not use more than 3 fonts for text Bvrshvr and try to apply the font legible.


Row Effect Ends Approximate time work
1 Leaflet 30000 5/1 hour


Tariff base price and the marginal value of time and is designed to be modified. Designed solely for services performed after the design file is not delivered.