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Tariff logo design

Summary of the logo design Vlvgvy:

Logo design and logo design is one of the most important areas, and thus one of the most difficult areas of design. Besides the beauty of a good logo, it is not like any other logo can be used in many places, and the value of art or design to maintain. A good logo should be designed efficiently in different sizes. When the logo in two colors (black and white) or Huff or four color tone you use, not the quality of the message, or the beauty of its design concept is very much reduced.

Row Effect Ends Approximate time work
1 Logo Design Vlvgvy 30000 1 Hour
2 Typography 60000 16 hours
3 Seal Design 10000 15 Minutes


Tariff base price and the marginal value of time and is designed to be modified. Designed solely for services performed after the design file is not delivered.